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Encore Bridal
Its about the experience and of coarse the dress..
261 Linden Street, Fort Collins CO 80524 (970) 224-4776
Whats your style?

 We carry one of a kind pieces to put the finishing touches on your look. We have a wide range of jewelry, hair pieces, veils, earings,  and belts just to name a few. What's your style? Our unique accessories will add to the vibe your envisioning for your wedding, our stylist will help you pull together your look and take it to the next level, its like putting icing on a cake. Just a few samples (pictured below)





                 Detachable trains and skirts


                   Detachable sleeves



                  Veils and hair accessories


                             Jewelry by Poppy Lane



                        Hair vines











   261 Linden Street,  Fort Collins Co 80524           Phone:(970) 224-4776                      Email: encorebridal@gmail.com

                                                  Business Hours: Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 11-5, Sun 11-2, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

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