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Gown Preservation with Encore Bridal
Organic and environmentally friendly with lifetime Guarantee!



Encore Bridal offers wedding gown preservation. This process is 100% organic! The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. opened their doors in 1913, offering certificate of guarantee for 100 years!

The Preservation Process~  Takes 2-10 weeks to be completed after the gown is recieved. Use of 100% organic cleaners. Your gown will be cleaned including stains, shaped and position it on a full bust form and fill sleeves. It is then fitted carefull into a preservation chest with an acid- free display window. The preservation chest is then enclosed in a 700 lb. test shipping carton.

You bring your gown to Encore Bridal and we take care of the rest. Your gown will be shipped back to you cleaned and preserved, its easy!         

Your cost is only $220. That"s a great price to get your dress cleaned with 100% organic cleaners, preserved and with a lifetime guarantee!

If you have any questions about gown preservation please visit the website at www.GownPreservation.com




















   261 Linden Street,  Fort Collins Co 80524           Phone:(970) 224-4776                      Email: encorebridal@gmail.com

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