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Meet your consultants!

Jessica   Owner since 2008


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

 I am originally from California and I moved to this great town of Fort Collins 20 years ago and haven't looked back. Married to my wonderful husband for 13 years, have 2 kids and a rescue dog. I have a degree in Nursing and worked as an R.N. before the big carreer move into the bridal industry. Love Love Love my job and meeting all the wonderful girls that walk through our doors.

What do you like to do on your spare time? 

I love the outdoors and all that Colorado has to offer. I practice yoga daily, helps keep me physically and mentally fit. I try to go see live music as much as I can and if the concert happens to be at Red Rocks even better!

What can your brides expect from you? 

After I get a good vision of what my bride likes,  I typically like to pull a dress I call the "wild card" and guess what...more often than not she falls in love and it ends up being "The One". Let me tell you, "there is no greater satisfaction than seeing my brides faces light up when she finds her gown."


Amanda     Manager/Senior Stylist



Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm originally from South Carolina, so I guess you can say I'm somewhat of a southern belle. I live in old town Fort Collins and love it. I enjoy the outdoors, I particularly love hiking and rock climbing. I have been working at Encore Bridal for a couple of years and love my job especially my brides!

Fun Fact:

I consider myself a dare devil... I love going skydiving! 

What can your brides expect when working with you?

 I like to ask alot of questions during the fitting. What do you like and not like about the dress? How do you envision your self on your wedding day? Indoor vs outdoor? The more questions I ask, the closer we get to finding your dream dress. The moment my bride finds her dream gown is a special and emotional moment, I often find myself shedding a tear with them.


Michelle       Senior Stylist



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was  born and raised in this most wonderful town of Fort Collins. I moved away to Hawaii for school but came back to FoCo because I missed the change of seasons and my family. As fate would have it, I met my to be husband shortly after and we were married with two kids and two dogs in no time! I have a daughter who is 3 and a son who is 2. 

Fun fact about Michelle

I am an authentic local, born and raised right here in Fort Collins. Woot woot!

What can brides expect when working with you?

I take a more reserved approach to styling my brides. I am a very good listener, I take in facial cues, body languange and listen closely to conversations between the bride and her girls. I know our inventory very well and will pull dresses from what I see and hear from my brides. I will tactfully give you my honest oppinion as I want my brides to look their absolute best for their wedding day.


Brittany          Stylist



Tell us a little about yourself...

As much I love fashion, I admit I'm a ranch girl at heart from a small town. I'm a proud Army wife and have done a bit of traveling with my husband, highlights including Kansas! I'm happy to be home in Colorado now for our great weather and the friendly people.

Fun Fact about Brittany

I'm a natural blonde and am still afraid to dye my hair, plus I recently chopped off my waist long locks to a short pixie cut and love the feedom of my hairdo. 

What can brides expect when working with you?

I am excited to see your personal style and see if there might be anything I can add to it that you weren't expecting.  I want you to feel and look your best on your big day, so we can get as creative as you want or work with a classic and traditional look - whatever works for you, we'll find it!  I promise I'm (almost) as excited as you are!


Kailee   stylist

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I moved out from Nebraska 2 years ago to study Dietetcs and Spanish at Colorado State University. I absolutely love anything to do with food, studying it, eating, cooking, baking, talking about food, did I mention eating? I have been in the Army national guard since I turned 17, and enjoy the fast paced life style. I am passionate about all things creative, fashion, art, sewing, singing, and cooking. 

Fun facts about Kailee

I own a motorcycle and love to ride the open road.  I would consider myself a slight adrenaline junkie! I am a HUGE foodie, my goal is to try every restaraunt in Fort collins! 

What can your brides expect from you?

I love getting to know brides and finding the perfect dress to match each beautiful personality. I will always give you my honest opinion, but in the end your opinion and your confidence are what matter most to me. I look mostly for your body language, to see what styles intrigue you and make you feel beautiful. I want to show off your unique quirks and help you shine. I can't wait to meet you!

Jamie       stylist

Tell us a little about yourself...

I was raised here in Fort Collins and just recently graduated from CSU (go Rams!)  I love taking advantage of living in such a beautiful state by hiking, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, skiing, rock climbing... pretty much whatever gets me outside!!

Fun Fact..

I was actually born in Guam, of all random places! 

What brides can expect from you.

I love getting to know the personality and style of each bride and how they picture their special day. I will follow your lead while also giving my honest opinion.  Ultimately, my goal is to help the bride feel her best on her wedding day.   


Madison    Stylist

Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm an apparel design and merchandising student at CSU. I'm from Loveland, so I'm definitely a Colorado girl. I love hiking and exploring the mountains, and anything outdoors. I also sing, act and do improv.

Fun fact...I can speak French! 

What brides can expect..

I like my brides to feel as confident as possible while she is in our store. I want my brides to think of me as someone who really has their best interest in mind. I want my brides to feel fabulous on thier big day. My favorite part of my job is seeing the glow on a bride's face when she's found her dress!


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